Ningbo Sail Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd.Since 1988, it has processed various core accessories for hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and reducers for many well-known brands, to become an OEM manufacturer of hydraulic components and reducer assemblies for many well-known brands, and then to create its own brand. Ningbo Sailo Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd.'s product design, production, assembly and testing, adhering to customer service, to provide customers with a variety of products, consistent quality and personalized service. We always believe that our hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, reducers and other products are the result of cooperation between customers and us. We wholeheartedly serve users and communicate closely with users to produce products (including products with various special requirements) with good technical performance, economical and practical, and that can meet customer needs. Therefore, we have been working hard to enable us to provide customers with more effective services in a timely manner when they need it.
  The company maintains a rigorous management system when cooperating with well-known brands, and has established a superior manufacturing system and a perfect testing system. It has more than 300 sets of advanced automatic mechanical processing and testing equipment, from raw material roughing, heat treatment, precision processing, inspection, assembly to testing of the entire set of production technology and equipment for hydraulic plunger pumps, hydraulic motors, and reducers. Has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.
  With the Ningbo headquarters as the core, the company's sales network has been extended to many countries in the world, and more than 50% of its products are exported. In 2013, the company officially entered the field of hydraulic parts repair and remanufacturing, and combined with hydraulic professionals and companies with many years of experience in various regions to strive to build a domestic and foreign maintenance and remanufacturing company (lock) alliance operation.
  On the road of technological innovation, we explore and advance. On the basis of integrity and business, we work hard, strive to improve professional product standards, formulate reasonable cost performance, provide humanized full-service, create superb with professional, use practical equipment to create Sail brand .

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